How to play & What Can I Win

You can wish upon your favorite star in 3 easy steps:

  • Choose your category and find your favorite star
  • Select or auto pick your numbers for your Star Ticket
  • Submit and pay for your wish

Each Star has a drawing date where the winner will be selected.Your Wish Upon a Star could come true but you have to play to win!!

Here are a few of many wishes you can win:

  • A verse or hook from your favorite artist
  • A track from your favorite producer
  • A chance to have your favorite actor act in your film
  • Win a day with your favorite celebrity
  • If MUSIC – You can win a verse or a hook
  • If MOVIES- You can win a chance to have your favorite actor act in your film
  • If SPORTS – You can win a chance to play with or against your favorite athlete
  • If CARS – You can win a rare custom edition car or motorcycle from your favorite celebrity

How to play in the in the Music Category?

  • Choose your genre: Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Latin, Country, Reggae, Rock.
  • After choosing your music genre, you will then be instructed to select the category you wish to wish upon. The categories are “Artists” “DJ’s” or “Producers”
  • You will then have 4 sub categories to select from: “Rising Star-$1” “Star -$3 “Superstar-$5, and “Megastar-$7”
  • After choosing the Star(s) in the sub category you will then need to purchase a Star Ticket by selecting 5 numbers or auto pick 5 numbers. You will then add your wishes to the star and checkout.
  • A drawing will be held on the date listed

Star Definition And It’s Power

An emerging artist capable of maintaining a lifestyle solely based on his or her artistic endeavors. Their face and brand is becoming synonymous with their work and they are beginning to be recognized publicly.

(STAR) ★ ★ ★
An artist who is recognized on a regular basis as a direct reflection of the success from various artistic properties. This level of stardom has awarded them significant increases in popularity, finances and notoriety.

(SUPER STAR) ★ ★ ★ ★
An artist who’s brand has reached world-wide acclaim. Their brand is a vertically integrated machine now responsible for employing many and fueling the success of others artists and projects under the banner. Their persona and reputation are equally owned by the public as they attract a vast number of brands, creative projects and opportunities on a daily basis.

(MEGA STAR) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
An artist who’s reached a legendary status. Their very name is synonymous with success on a worldwide scale and the projects they align themselves with are with of the grandest caliber. They are the topof the top, a household name and as recognizable as currency.